Hi Everyone! 

If you are interested in booking one of my flashes please send me the image you are interested in and I will get back to you as soon as possible with available dates and times for booking. 

If you are interested in a custom piece please send me the following:

  • Your idea/concept - source imagery is welcome but I do my own research as well. 
  • Where you want the design - you may list multiple spots. Please keep in mind that I do not do facial tattoos.
  • If you are interested in only black line-work, color work, or both. 

Pricing and Deposits: 

In terms of price I take a non-refundable $100 deposit. The deposit is there to secure your date (once we have it scheduled) and your design. I am a relatively slower tattoo artist so for flash I charge a flat rate of $200/session. In total your tattoo will be $300 which includes your deposit and remaining amount to be paid the day of your appointment! 

Flashes take one session and no longer than 4 hours. I charge the same flat rate for a custom tattoo but it may take more than one session so the final price of a custom piece can fluctuate.

I have a one time rescheduling policy. This means that if for some reason you need to reschedule I will do so once without an extra charge. If you need/want to reschedule a second or third time from the original date planned I will require another deposit! 

In terms of payment I accept e-transfer or PayPal to this email address: azlziemele@gmail.com

I do free touch-ups on tattoos that I have done!

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